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Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 4/4

Segment 4 is the continuation of Q&A with numerous questions from the audience and more discussion from Jeremy Sibert and Wes Smith.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 3/4

Segment 3 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking on Integration and Interoperability within the AEC Industry. The second half includes commentary from Wes Smith and Jeremy Sibert on various topics as well as the beginning of Q&A.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 2/4

Segment 2 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking about the NIST Cloud Definition and how to apply it to your cloud transition. After the definition Wes breaks into several major areas of interest for AEC Industry participants such as Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Interoperability and Integration.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 1/4

Segment 1 contains introductions and the 1st section by Jeremy Sibert from Hensel Phelps Construction Co.  Primary topics are a Google survey on cloud, Pre 2010 state of the AEC Industry, the Apple fueled bridge to utopia, the cloud puzzle, cloud confusion, the unified cloud goal, and various questions along the way.

Viewpoint Collaborate 2013 | Cloud Exhibit, Expert Discussions & More

We are looking forward to Viewpoint Collaborate 2013.

Event Activities:

We will be exhibiting in the vendor showcase so come by and visit us in booth #5.  As always, we will have experienced staff on site prepared to talk about real, in depth, end to end cloud solutions vs. sales and marketing fluff.

Our President and Cloud Executive Officer Wes Smith is speaking at Collaborate 2013 on Wednesday, September 18th, 10:30AM.  The topic is Unified Cloud Solutions for Efficiency and Productivity.   Wes has been a guest speaker at 4 past Viewpoint events as well as numerous events for ENR and Constructech Magazines.

We also have a group of runners that are planning to meet a few mornings to get to know each other a bit better and burn off some of that great food from the famous Portland gourmet food trucks.

Viewpoint Competencies:

We are a Viewpoint Development partner and our competencies around Viewpoint products include Application Hosting, Unified Application Management Software, Mobile Software, and advanced technical services for V6, Content Manager and other products.

AEC Industry Competencies:

If you are not familiar with us, we are one of the longest running, innovative providers of cohesive solutions including hosting, software, and services for the AEC Industry.  We have been responsible for or part of teams that have implemented large and small scale solutions from a range of companies from owners like The New York Times, to North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System and The Pentagon Renovation Program to a range of global and regional builders like Hensel Phelps, Turner, Torcon and The J Companies.

Why is this important?  This means in addition to our unique understanding of the AEC Industry and related end to end IT management , we get the nuances of managing the software, platform and infrastructure IT layers required to run the products both individually and as part(s) of a cohesive system.

Connect with Us:

If you are interested in learning more, a demo or discussing options on Viewpoint products as part of a Unified Cloud Solution, please contact us [Click Here] and we can schedule an appointment at Viewpoint Collaborate 2013 or any time that is convenient for you.

Contact Info: The Cram Group Contact Info

Web Form: AECCloud Information Request

Twitter: AECCloudCom

Cloud Interoperability, Open Standards & Integration for the AEC Industry

So you want to work toward more interoperable, integrated, user friendly solutions? That’s a mouthful so let’s break this down a bit. When we talk interoperability, we are looking at getting several different information silos to “talk” to each other in a seamless manner. Common AEC Industry examples might be Accounting or BIM software talking to Project Management software. Another common example is getting Project Management information out to the field and various mobile devices. The reason we want to do this is to reduce double entry and deliver more real time information, thus creating more high value time for users to focus on the business of building.

This article is focused on interoperability and open standards. For more information on the process of integration and the cloud based technology utilized, see previous articles on Integration [Read More] and Web Services [Read More].

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