Transparent Pricing

Home_Slider_Pricing_840Consistently the cost/quality leader serving the AEC Industry.

When given the opportunity to compete, we are generally the leader in providing Higher Quality at a Lower Cost.

This is because of our industry leading AEC Cloud SPIR© pricing model which is:

  • Solution Based, Transparent & Honest
  • Contains NO Hidden Fees
  • Contains NO Oddly Packaged Line Items
  • Is Based on the NIST Cloud Definition

AEC Cloud brings REAL bottom line value to your company, big or small.

Based on 15+ years of success, AEC Cloud provides a thorough, yet simple model that provides extensive flexibility & transparency while considering enterprise cost management practices.

We work with you to:

  • Understand what you need
  • AND why it is important

We’ll even help you understand how it stacks up to the competition AND understand where the competition is hiding costs.

How We Generate Our Transparent Pricing:
AEC Cloud SPIR© Pricing model

  • Solutions are managed at a component level, grouped by Software, Platform, Infrastructure, and Human Resources which results in an industry leading average cost per user (ACPU) or average cost per license (ACPL).
  • This is more inline with server based management and superior to the older method of fixed retail price per hosted license or user, which we pioneered in the AEC Industry more than 15 years ago.
  • It also trumps fixed pricing for SaaS based point solutions which provide little if any transparency into hard and soft costs.
  • In both these scenarios, buyers generally lose out when more than one application is used because the base Platform and Infrastructure are redundant, yet not discounted.


  • All of our software is available in a Subscription Software + Services model. This means that we license the products on a monthly subscription basis, including any updates. If you require implementation, ongoing administrative or IT support, we price that as separate service.
  • This gives our customers the lowest entry price & up front commitment hands down.
  • This also give clients the option for longer term engagements that parallel traditional License Fee + Annual Maintenance & Support software licensing.

Professional Services:

  • All professional services are billed out on a pre-negotiated hourly, weekly or monthly rate. Pricing depends on the task at hand and the skill required to solve the issue.