When selecting a hosting partner, it is important to know what is behind the scenes. Our hosted systems have evolved through several versions based on over 15 years of experience, lessons learned, and a tireless commitment to providing enterprise level quality and support.

Our systems are currently based on a multi-tier configuration including a dedicated enterprise storage layer, database layer, web services layer, client-server application layer, and collaborative web application layer.

This is all tied together via our tightly integrated Unified Application Management Portal. The UAM Portal is the launch pad for many of our applications.  It provides a streamlined user interface, services automation, integrated support, and user authentication and billing management for most applications.

All of our solutions are focused on companies looking for simplified, secure access to many applications from multiple vendors via one secure, server based solution without the burdens of deployment, user support, and system maintenance.It also serves as a Business Intelligence Reporting interface and connection manager for desktop and asynchronous software that do not launch from our portal.

We provide a range of solutions from single application hosting to complex custom configurations. All solutions are based on the same enterprise technology stacks.

Our definition of turnkey is we supply and manage the end to end solutions, from the power and bandwidth to the desktop.