cloud-securityServer security is obviously at the top of our list in terms of attention, staying up on best practices, and following strict guidelines. Our security can be broken out into three areas:

1. Physical Space

We partner with Equinix as the Data Center provider of choice. Equinix has developed and deployed a highly advanced Tier-1 global network to provide world’s best on-line services. The Equinix data center space has many physical advantages resulting in direct benefit to clients.

2. Physical Security

  • Security 24/7 security and video surveillance
  • Trained security guards on-site at all times
  • Servers located in locked cage
  • Hand-scan required to enter controlled areas
  • 24/7 time-in & time-out visitor logs maintained by security staff

3. Environment Controls

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems to maintain constant temperature and humidity
  • Water detection system
  • Fire Protection – Early Warning System
  • FM-200 gas-based fire suppression system
  • Double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system – pipes fill up but don’t disseminate until tip of sprinkler is burned