Power and Connectivity

network-cloudWe have a team of experienced engineers working around the clock. This helps us minimize any outages and rectify any issues that may occur during routine maintenance and proactive monitoring of systems health.

Our Datacenter, Equinix, meets or exceeds the following:

  • Fully redundant electrical backbone systems, switchgear and cabling.
  • Continuous uninterruptible power supply.
  • Multiple standby generators with fuel purchase agreements.
  • Internet Connectivity as provided by Equinix

The Equinix Backbone network will be available free of Network Outages 100% of the time.Information furnished monthly to clients include:

  • The average monthly Packet Loss of the Equinix Backbone network will not exceed .3%.
  • The average monthly latency of the Equinix Backbone will not exceed 60 milliseconds on the Equinix North American Network.
  • Co-location cabling is Category 6 (tested to 5E) and maintained below the raised flooring.

Proof of Zero Power and Internet Downtime

It’s not often you get to test, or want to test a complete power outage at your data center. However, we had the chance during the the August, 14th, 2003 North American blackout, in which our systems experienced zero power or internet connectivity downtime.

Our systems have also endured numerous hurricanes and tornadoes throughout the East Coast with zero downtime.