In order to prevent data loss and minimize downtime in case of hardware or software failure, all servers are backed up using a cloud-based offsite backup technology powered by Asigra.

Standard routines are as follows; SQL Database Logs and Files run each weekday, three times per day starting at 10AM, every three hours.

These can be restored to within 1 second of a specified time. SQL Differential and Exchange Incremental run Weekday once nightly. Our current retention period is 1 month. A full backup runs weekly on the weekends, is pulled offsite once a month and retained for 6 months. We also have the capability to run various custom routines for dedicated customers with specifics needs.

Isolated Backup Network

Network backup and restore systems are typically bandwidth consuming operations, consuming valuable network capacity. Backup and restore systems operate on dedicated and isolated network switches, cabling and NICs. This configuration allows backups and restorations without consuming valuable bandwidth used by production systems and users.

Data Backup Options

Outsourcing company systems does not alleviate the need for off-line data backups for company records. We address this concern proactively by offering options for FTP, Extraction to Tape, or fully replicated Disaster Recover Failover Sites.

Monthly System Performance Monitoring

Beyond the services mentioned above, and using a multi-tier architecture with inherent redundancy, our Engineering team is always keeping close watch on each element of the environment. Physical Network, Storage and Hardware devices are monitored at the component level to estimate potential failure before it happens. Routine maintenance is based on this information. Database, File Storage, and related Virtualization Usage and Growth patterns are also continuously monitored and reviewed.