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Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 4/4

Segment 4 is the continuation of Q&A with numerous questions from the audience and more discussion from Jeremy Sibert and Wes Smith.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 3/4

Segment 3 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking on Integration and Interoperability within the AEC Industry. The second half includes commentary from Wes Smith and Jeremy Sibert on various topics as well as the beginning of Q&A.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 2/4

Segment 2 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking about the NIST Cloud Definition and how to apply it to your cloud transition. After the definition Wes breaks into several major areas of interest for AEC Industry participants such as Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Interoperability and Integration.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 1/4

Segment 1 contains introductions and the 1st section by Jeremy Sibert from Hensel Phelps Construction Co.  Primary topics are a Google survey on cloud, Pre 2010 state of the AEC Industry, the Apple fueled bridge to utopia, the cloud puzzle, cloud confusion, the unified cloud goal, and various questions along the way.

Unified Cloud Solutions Presentation

We recently spoke @ Viewpoint Collaborate 2013 on Unified Cloud Solutions.  We covered a range of solutions topics including Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Integration and Interoperability.  To illustrate these solutions, we used examples from our work at the Pentagon, New York Times, and other clients as well as a range of AEC vendor offerings.

Based on a range of feedback, our demystification of Cloud and our vision of the future is a great framework for getting non technical and technical teams on a level playing field for communication.

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Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel with AEC Business Applications [Video]

Team TCG had a great webinar the other day.  This includes a walkthrough of Office Business Applications (OBAs) and using them with integrated web services, a fundamental technology driving cloud solutions.  If you missed it, take a look at the video below.

DECCO Ltd. Streamlines Processes and Increases Efficiency with ProjectXnet Cloud Hosting Services

In 2010, The Cram Group began hosting Meridian Systems’ Prolog Manager and Prolog Converge for DECCO Ltd. This helped the company streamline its file management and archiving system, and communicate better with clients.

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GPX Global Systems, Inc. Maximizes Efficiency Worldwide with ProjectXnet Cloud Hosting Services

GPX Global Systems, Inc. builds and operates private, carrier-neutral Internet Exchanges and Internet Data Centers in emerging commercial markets around the world. With offices in New York, Mumbai and Cairo, this rapidly-growing international company needed a way to keep all of its employees connected and working efficiently.

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The J Companies Uses ProjectXnet Cloud Hosting Services to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Operating Costs

The J Companies, LLC, is a builder that provides construction management, development, and consulting-related services. Headquartered in New York, the company is managed by brothers Allan J. Brot and David J. Brot. The company has extensive experience in construction, development, pre-construction planning, consulting, and construction monitoring.

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Projacs leverages Collaborative Project Management through ProjectXnet Cloud Hosting Services

Projacs International, a large Pan-Arab project management firm headquartered in Bahrain, is comprised of 21 offices across the world. Delivering projects in 24 different countries requires the corporation to coordinate hundreds of staff across a number of borders, a task that demands sophisticated and reliable technological capabilities.

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