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Products We Work With

We work with products from trusted vendors you know by name. These have a high value, with good quality/cost ratios derived from both the business vision of the company as well as the technical vision for the product. Other factors are sustainable cost of ownership and open architecture which enables you or a service consultant to create high value solutions. While we work with many legacy technologies based on client requirements, we encourage our clients, vendors and partners to understand and evolve their solutions based on the NIST Cloud Definition.

Product Intake Methodology

We have a unique product intake methodology that ensures we do diligence on vendors and products before we work with them.  We perform an exhaustive dissection to make sure the vendor promotes client choice and the technology is enterprise level.  We also think about how it fits into the AEC Industry in terms of culture, feasibility, and adoption.

Product Sales

We are not a reseller of any traditional, perpetually licensed products. If you need to buy a specific product in a traditional perpetual license model, we will be happy to coordinate that or refer you to a reliable source. We have direct and indirect relationships with product vendors that will help make the overall process seamless.

We do sell some products that are made available to us through partnerships in a software only subscription model. Not to be confused with SaaS, we have been a long time pioneer of the software only subscription model which is made available through service providers like us by vendors like Citrix, Columbiasoft & Microsoft who pioneered the commercial SPLA model.  This is very useful in lining up with the NIST Cloud definition where we can bundle it with other services as a client preference. As of early 2013, there are no AEC technology market vendors we are aware of that provide software only subscription programs. Should you know of one, we are well educated in the management of such licensing with vendors and welcome working with this forward thinking method.

Product Listing

The following alphabetical list is vendors we have experience with.  Keep in mind we are a service provider first, not a product reseller, so we only sell products we build in house or 3rd party products that are available in a subscription model which can be combined with our services.  If you would like a third party source for software reviews head over to which has a good listing of AEC industry products.

Apple, Autodesk, Blackberry, Cisco, Citrix, Columbiasoft, EMC, Microsoft, Notevault, Oracle Primavera, Sage Software, Salesforce, Trimble Buildings/Meridian Systems, Viewpoint, VMware

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