Types of Cloud Configurations


Pre-fab solutions are made up of common application stacks in standard configurations. These are solutions with “clean” installations. We can deploy these within a week in our hosted environment. Configurations that are not hosted by us may take longer depending on the existing software, platform & infrastructure, your existing teams resource capacity or other technology variables like data migration or upgrades.


Site-Built solutions are deviations from Pre-Fab, made to order. These are generally made up of existing Pre-Fab solutions plus Infrastructure and Platform layers. They can be combined with other services for custom configurations. We have not created images for these since we would just be guessing at the configuration you may be looking for, but the general modular approach still applies.

Often times we can still deploy the solution (or at least the Pre-Fab components) within a week but they may take several weeks or longer depending on what aspect is being changed. Modifications like private or hybrid cloud architectures, data migrations/transformations, custom/unsupported applications, or Services like application level implementation, documentation & training are examples of changes or requests that can result in longer deployment cycles.


As-Built solutions are examples of success we have delivered in the past resulting in proven value for clients. With more than a hundred of these AEC Industry specific solutions under our belt, we picked a few we are very proud of to show our breadth of experience with company types and technologies. These may not all fit into the Cloud definition due to the historical timeline, however each one is indicative of our consistent industry leading mindset around server based computing which we have been recognized for over more than 10 years. In some cases we are unable to publish the names of the entities but we can discuss details over the phone and the active ones are often references for us. If we have a case study, the link is listed.

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