Basics About Cloud Hosting

Below we show a top level diagram followed by a break out of the three basic layers of any solution; Software, Platform, and Infrastructure. These will be used as common ground for describing the solution stacks we provide on subsequent pages as well as throughout our company.

Throughout the diagrams, Green is Software, Blue is Platform, and Indigo is Infrastructure. While our solutions focus on the Software layer for non-technical users, we generally take care of the entire stack for our hosted clients.

The image above is the top level view of a Unified Solution. In this example we have labeled three domains, indicating physically separate solutions.

Domain 1 could be Office365 managed by Microsoft, domain 2 could be AEC specific applications managed by us, and domain three could be accounting & business development applications managed by our client. When engineered in line with the NIST Cloud definition, all 3 domains can work together as one solution.

The image above is focused on the Software Layer. This is all of the applications that our clients, typically business end users, have access to. Since we manage a multi-tenant environment, clients, will have access to different applications.

The image above is focused on the Platform Layer. This is all of the non-business applications that sit between the Software and Infrastructure layers. Most of our clients are not aware of or interested in using these tools, so in our hosted solutions, we take care of this for them.

A lot of the magic happens here, so it is important to be familiar with this layer, as an indicator of the types of products we support, and some of the work that goes on under the tip of the iceberg.

The image above is focused on the Infrastructure Layer. This is all of the core components, typically the physical equipment and virtualized counterparts which are required to support the Platform and Software layers.

The Infrastructure layer is a critical foundation to all of the other layers working well. Although few clients ever interact with this layer, extensive effort goes into the architecture and management of this layer to ensure that we hit those fine 9’s or better for uptime.

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