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We’ve been delivering high value solutions since 2000. We have a consistent track record of innovation and evolving our offerings to embrace concepts like Cloud, based on the NIST Cloud Definition.

Today, our primary focus is cloud based application Hosting.  Second is Software for unified application management, support, integration, collaboration and mobility.  Third is Services for specialized consulting and augmentation of our clients human resources.  Sharing our common definition of Cloud, let’s have some fun talking about the building blocks, basics, and details of how we deliver solutions.


The image above is abstract, simply showing pieces and parts that non-technical and technical folks can laugh at, but use to establish some common ground.

The image below is a high level unified solution stack that most business leaders are seeking to provide to operations stakeholders. (As a reminder, anytime we talk about solutions they can be on premise, off premise, or hosted by us, and in each case could include different levels of our Hosting, Software, and Services).


The problem is quite often the reality of what the existing solutions looks like is far from this simple. Throwing money and resources at the existing scenario is like bandaging the cut vs. finding a cure. While many companies imply you can move forward without change, specifically the antiquated idea of IT departments manually controlling a distributed array of chaotic assets, we disagree.

Unified Application Management (UAM) is a simple way to describe the centralization of chaos that most business leaders are trying to get their IT team to deliver. A vision including UAM leads companies toward a centrally managed solution that becomes a working “all in one”.

When coupled with the NIST Cloud definition, this is a very powerful way to achieve a flexible, interoperable solution while being mindful of, but not constrained by, traditional IT governance and methodologies.

Note: We minimize the use of product names in this section as it is focused on defining the goal vs. selling brand XYZ. Further, we do not address physical devices like PC’s, tablets, phones, etc… While important to be considered and managed as a physical asset, in theory a software solution based on NIST cloud definition will be device independent.


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