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In order to talk about Cloud anything we need some definitions. The best working definition I have found is the NIST Cloud Definition. While it was first published in 2009, it was not until 2011 that I started to see it referenced in keynotes by the likes of Oracle, Microsoft, and other major technology companies. Without a doubt, in every case I have experienced, a fundamental understanding of this definition gives all stakeholders a common baseline to have informed discussions about where we all want to go. Below are links to the simplified interpretation used by my company and the full NIST publication which that is based on.

The Cram Group Business IT & Cloud Definition

The NIST Cloud Definition

We make access to applications and information easy for end users, unlocking creativity and potential in your most valuable assets…people. Our mindset since 2001 is simple, we are service vs. product oriented, we have a continuous vs. peak & valley perspective, and we are relationship vs. transaction oriented.

We have a unique skill set based on AEC industry operations & AEC software industry experience coupled with world class software and systems engineering under one roof. When combined with our Educate, Engineer, Perform methodology, this enables us to deliver direct end user value to companies in the AEC Industry.

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