Wes Smith, Founder and CEO

The Highlight Reel:
My name is Wes Smith, I have 17 years experience enabling AEC Industry leaders & participants with business focused technology.  My company, AEC Cloud (The Cram Group), has more than 17 years experience providing business consulting and server based technology services to the AEC industry.

I’ve been using, or working with the internet related technologies since 1984.  My first taste of the web was around 1994 when AOL really started to take off.  After completing my Masters in Building Construction at the University of Florida, I started working with computers in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry.

Between 1995 & 1997, as a field engineer for Hensel Phelps Construction Co., I was exposed to using computers as a professional.  Since then, two themes have remained constant for me.  I am still drawn to the tactile nature and efficiency at the core of the “Performance” based building process, and I am obsessed with the underlying principles of server based computing and how technology can be an enabler to the improvement of quality and reduction of cost in this process.

I was introduced to online applications in the AEC Industry sometime in the late 90’s.  This early exposure was through my employment as a construction engineer and manager for several ENR top 25 contractors.  I was learning at breakneck pace while software deployments began moving from the client/server LAN to an emerging online & often outsourced option.  At that time, Buzzsaw, Constructware, eBuilder, ProjectTalk, and a host of other “ASP” solutions were forming in the DotCom 1.0 era.

Present Day:
Since then, many have come, gone and continue to arrive along with variations in marketing terms like ASP, Managed Hosting, Cloud and “Everything as a Service”.  In parallel, I traveled most of the USA, throughout the Gulf/Middle East Territories, Asia and Southern India working “On Demand”.

I currently work in the AEC Software and Consulting Industry focused on Cloud based technology solutions while leading an amazing group of talented people in two countries.  We are likely one of the largest Business Focused IT departments in the AEC Industry.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us, and we look forward to working with you on your next project!

Wes Smith
CEO and Founder AEC Cloud